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Summer Abroad Programs

Below are some summer abroad study programs in which students have participated*. Keep in mind that many of these sites will not have yet posted the information for the year in which you would be participating. You aren’t limited to the list below–explore until you find something that interests you! Students are responsible for researching and following the application and admission procedures, as well as obtaining any necessary travel documents.

The Faculty of Humanities must pre-approve all courses to ensure they are eligible for transfer credit if desired.

Click here to learn more about eligibility requirements to study abroad during the summer.

*McMaster is not affiliated with any particular institutions or programs through which students may complete independent course work. Students are responsible for being aware of and following the policies, procedures, and regulations of the host school, as well as any travel advice and advisories issued by the Government of Canada.

Ontario Universities International

Consortium agreements through OUI offer culture and language programs in China, France, and Germany throughout the summer. Many of these agreements include scholarship funding. Click here to learn more.

Universitas 21

McMaster is a member of Universitas 21, giving students the opportunity to study for credit at other partnered institutions. Each year, one featured school will provide a scholarship for student(s) to study at their school. For more information, email

Other Programs











  • School of Russian and Asian Studies
    Various summer language programs available at different Russian universities. Read about the experience of Humanities student, Jennifer Taylor (pictured above), who studied at St. Petersberg in Summer 2011 through SRAS here.


United Kingdom

United States of America